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Hoowla search providers

The Property Search Group (PSG)

PSG are the leading provider of conveyancing searches with fifty regional offices throughout England & Wales. Combining national experience with local knowledge, PSG are specialists in property searches embracing cutting-edge technology and great customer service. Involved in one in five residential property transactions, PSG has an enviable reputation for delivering fast and accurate property searches.

“Hoowla share our passion for delivering the highest quality of service and we are excited about the benefits this collaboration will bring to conveyancers and their clients.”

Richard Dawson, Managing Director, PSG

Index Property Information

Index Property Information is the fastest growing National search provider in the UK. The success has been built on one main factor. Unrivalled service.

With twenty two local offices throughout England, Index are able to offer a level of personal service that is 'over and beyond' what is usually delivered within the industry. The first thing we earn from our customer it their trust.

“We are delighted to have integrated with the Hoowla case management system as Adam and his team clearly share our passion for efficiency and service”

Anne Lucking, Managing Director at Index

Quantus Conveyancing Support Services

Quantus is a major national supplier of conveyancing searches and support services to the legal profession. Clients can place property search orders via Quantus directly through our conveyancing software. Fulfilled search orders are automatically returned by Quantus into Hoowla, ready to be downloaded and shared.

“Our integration with Hoowla is another step in our quest to help clients reduce the amount of time spent on the necessary administrative tasks required.

We've built an enviable reputation for providing fast, accurate and cost effective information, and our partnership with Hoowla is the perfect way of helping us continue to be focused on delivering an outstanding and efficient service.”

Kevin Preston, Managing Director at Quantus

OneSearch Direct

A leading property information organisation and the largest local authority data search company in the UK, providing conveyancing search reports to solicitors nationwide.

"As a data business we want to combine with other data people – innovative people. Hoowla is very good at what it does. It’s a young business with a fresh approach that makes information more accessible to our customer base, so it’s a good fit. I’ve been keen to move towards a simplified conveyancing system that brings information closer to the lawyer for a long time and working with Hoowla seems the perfect way of achieving this."

Elizabeth Jarvis, Managing Director of OneSearch Direct

"Our new integration with Hoowla is another step in our journey to make data more accessible to property professionals. Hoowla’s team have reviewed the entire conveyancing process from a fresh perspective and built a platform that delivers real efficiencies and savings to its users. We look forward to developing our relationship with Hoowla, and collaborating on new tools and services powered by OneSearch’s proprietary datasets."

Stefanie van den Haak, LL.B LL.M FISMM, Commercial Director at OneSearch Direct

Searches UK

Searches UK are a leading conveyancing search provider in England & Wales. They appreciate the demand for lawyers to provide good due diligence on their property transactions and assure the very best when it comes to their full range of Residential and Commercial Searches. Searches are returned into Hoowla when ordered through Searches UK and can be made available to people involved in the case.

Already use Searches UK? Then Hoowla is the perfect case management solution for you.


Both Hoowla and SearchFlow are dedicated to making conveyancers lives easier and understand the need for speed and efficiency in the conveyancing process. The partnership with SearchFlow provides even more choice for conveyancing firms already using Hoowla’s case management software. SearchFlow make lawyers' lives easier by following four fundamental customer standards: speed, convenience, flexibility and expertise.

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