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The Land Registry

Connecting up your Land Registry account in Hoowla couldn’t be easier and enables our case management system to communicate with the Land Registry Information Services and the electronic Document Registration Service (e-DRS).

"Land Registry is pleased that Hoowla has integrated with the Business Gateway. This enables their clients to have automated access to Business Gateway Services and have information seamlessly save within the Hoowla case management system."

James Rippin, Business Gateway Product Manager at Land Registry

Conveyancing Search Providers

We've partnered with a number of established search providers to streamline property search ordering in our conveyancing software. All fulfilled search orders are automatically returned into the case in Hoowla, ready to be downloaded and securely shared.

If you are a search provider interested in partnering with us then please do get in touch

Our Conveyancing Search Partners

Lawyer Checker

Lawyer Checker has been designed to protect your clients’ money, regardless of whether they are the borrower or the lender. It has been developed and introduced to reduce uncertainty in identifying the legitimacy of the vendor conveyancer.

Lawyer Checker allows the purchase conveyancer to gather information on the vendor conveyancer, to enable the company to assess the risk associated with the transaction. With a consistent and integrated experience conveyancers can shield themselves from the risk of vendor conveyancer fraud without having to leave Hoowla, with the results delivered immediately back into the case.

"It is fantastic to have Hoowla come on board and integrate the Lawyer Checker system into their own. By being able to conduct this simple check within the Hoowla platform, conveyancers are offered a fresh and efficient approach to their case management whilst still remaining diligent and adhering to Rule 10. This partnership provides the ultimate in online modern conveyancing."

Chris Harris, Managing Director at Lawyer Checker


We've partnered with SmartSearch, specialists in the provision of Anti-Money Laundering Verification Services and Fraud Prevention Solutions, to deliver an integrated AML checking solution within our case management software.

"We see Hoowla as a leading provider in the market and are very pleased that they are partnering with us for their AML checks. We know that they will take a great deal of market share, and the automation of the AML checks through Hoowla will be a great time saving advantage to their clients"

Martin Cheek, MD of SmartSearch


We’ve partnered with Signable, a leading provider of digital signature solutions to bring electronic e-signatures into Hoowla. Signable complies with e-signature laws set by the UK and other member states within the European Union, exceeding all of the regulations regarding accepting and processing documents, signed via electronic signatures.

"We are ecstatic that Hoowla have decided to partner with us at Signable. We both share a common goal of making business easier for our customers and Signable can really help when managing the signature process for conveyancing related documents and contracts."

Olly Culverhouse, Owner of Signable

Legal Eye

High standards of Risk & Compliance have become increasingly important to solicitors and conveyancers working in the property industry. We have collaborated with Legal Eye to offer a free mini health check which will review your firm’s client care letter, estimate of fees and disbursements, Terms of Business as well as your email footer, website and letterhead.


We have integrated GoCardless services, the quickest and easiest way to take one-off payments online, letting you collect payments directly from customers' bank accounts, saving you time and money. Their simple transparent pricing fits very nicely with our own ethos and approach.

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